2001jan7 started............................................................updated 2005jan1
storm-proof, fire-proof self-sustainable
reinforced-concrete shell-ter

Early American Wigwam Dome

...i have completed
my five-year experimentation
of living primitively outdoors all year 'round
to discover my real true basic shell-ter needs and
my year-long research project into all kinds of shell-ters
that could possibly fit my real personal requirements...
...as a result,
i have now focused on domes as the safest shelters
but what i now know is
that that no single dome can match my needs, therefore
my strategy is to build a test-model small-dome as a start to
divide my needs into several small domes instead of one big one...

...i have lived in several tents and a greenhouse every day&nite for
the past five years...i know personally what it's like to feel the full
fury of severe thunderstorms, the pain of an ice-broken tree-branch
that fell on my tent and my body and the constant fear of wild-fires
during prolonged droughts...i know what it takes to insulate a
heat-less tent (or any other structure) from freezing...

...i browsed the wwweb and followed link after
link after link and i read email archives of several
email-lists about shelters, especially domes...
What I Now Know
...first, i want a greenhouse-dome where
i can
grow my food and can soak-up the sunlight all
day and see the stars in the sky at night...

...second, i want something more private and secure
for my studio, workshop, office, hanger-garage, bed,
bath and entertainment activities...

... third, i also need a secure storm-proof reinforced-concrete
"stone-dome" shell-ter (or two) with woodstove-heat,
rainwater-catchment, solar-electricpower, and dried-foods
for protection from Texas tornados, fire-storms and ice-storms...

(...stone-domes can be partially earth-bermed or completely buried for max protection and survive-ability...)
... i can make more small domes as necessary to store my solar
and emergency generator, to shell-ter my vehicle(s)
while i modify and repair them...and one or more to serve
as a publicly-available office workshop and showroom
for my home-made crafts-products...

...separate domes allow me to locate my workshop-showroom near
the entrance gate to my homestead while my concrete shell-ter
will be earth-bermed well away from the road

...separate small domes allow separation of chemicals like
fuel and paint storage from my sleeping and eating areas...

... separate small domes allow me to build them myself one
at a time on my own schedule rather than having to hire
contractors to spray & finish shot-crete or to rent a crane
to lift heavy precast panels and ribs...

... separate small domes allow adding rooms (domes) for each
child or parent with full privacy and ability to decorate as they
wish...and to play their own music without irritating me...

...also, domes are frequently touted as being energy-efficient,
but, since hot-air rises, it tends to make the top of a large
multi-floor-dome hot while the ground floor is cool...
whereas the temperature is more even
in the single-storey domes i plan to build and live in...

...specifically, in order to test my concepts and abilities
i intend to start within the next few weeks with
Tony Kalenak's cardboard-dome-design (shown below) :

but, instead of cardboard,
i intend to use insulating foam-board
and acrylic or lexan windows
and if i'm satisfied with that, then i can cover it
with chickenwire-reinforced cement, as in:

to make it a survival (tornado & fire-proof) "stone-dome" nest.