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(the bad stuff)

...avoid all these substances in order to live well...


is dried seawater & just as toxic...the basic cause

of stress, depression, tension, anger, violence & death

(click here for much more about salt)


is a lubricant for metal machines...suffocates cells

in live biological beings...produces oily hair and skin


are the reproductive carriers for plant species...

are hard-covered to prevent their destruction...

pulverized seeds/nuts = flour, which mixes with

water to form paste for papier-mache or pastry or pasta


is a DNA/blood carrier which invades who eats it

and changes personalities, as in WallStreet bulls &

bears (which are actually chicken or pork eaters)...

beef eaters become bullies, pork eaters become

greedy pigs, fish eaters are brainy, etc


is basically the same DNA effects as meat...

creates lactic acid within eaters...produces snot

and other mucous commonly known as

"the common cold"...cow milk is for cow babies

and works as a sedative for human babies, elders

and students in class after milk for lunch.

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