Five Billion Fools

There are more than Five Billion Fools on planet Earth.
I know. I wuz one.
Until I figured out the only logical explanation
for man's inhumanity to man:
that most of us are fulla crap,
differing mostly by type and amount,
and all blind-to and denying that
basic cause of bad behavior.

The definition of a fool
is one who believes that which is false.

like those who eat dried seawater


Like every failed civilization,
the fatal flaw of a democratic-republic
is majority-rule when a majority is fulla crap.
That's when they wrongly believe and vote their mass de-lusions,
and ignore/destroy those who challenge the insanity of the dis-eased majority.


This is the current condition of humankind.

"...a sane person appears to be insane
to an insane majority..."

[insert more quotes incl Mark Twain & Maya A.]


the good news is that each individual can change its own celf
IF it knows has learned from personal experience
HOW TO do so.

[insert more stuff here]

And they all lived happily ever after.

(of the beginning)

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