...TWIMC, i had prepared the following message for a biking
(road-rage) email-list and a home-birth list....what follows
was pro-logue to a series of emails which sum up the essence of
my Food&Behavior reSearch and experimentation...i will foward
a copy of those semails to you soon after i send this one...


...i finally have assembled some stuff in response to your request
for my advice about your situation...but before i present that info,
i need to caution you: don't believe anything i say....seriously...
my best advice for anyone starts with "don't believe anything
anyone says, because the only truth in your universe is your
own direct personal experiences...everything else is "hear-say",
not matter who says it.....unless you experience something
directly, you can never know it....the only real learning is
self-learning....all of this is to say that, no matter what i say
and no matter how true it is to me, you must test these things
yourself ...

...the most important advice i can give is not what to do, but how
to prepare yourself to make good decisions yourself...and that's
what i hope to explain to you now.

...every one of us has the innate ability to determine what kind
of persons to be (2B R NOT 2B?)...most of us don't know that we
can change nor how to do it even if we knew it to be possible...
...the #1 factor in determining our physical and mental abilities
is the food we eat...If your head is clear, you can see and think
clearly...but if your heat is fulla crap, your decisionmaking
will be that of a "meat-head" or "s**t-head"...
...so 2B clear-headed, either never eat crap or at least don't
make decisions after eating crap...you know how so many of
us fall asleep after big meals... don't swim or do anything
important then...don't drive...don/t sign contracts...(there's
more sabout the crap we call food on the emails that follow)...

...the important skill to learn is how various foods affect
how you feel (if you want to be good and to make good choices)...
...when you learn the connections between foods and doods
and moods, then you can put yourself into good moods by your
choices of eating or not eating certain foods...very simply,
naturally-sweet foods make sweethearts but sour-foods
make sour-pusses...mothers who kill their children
do so due to internal crap, which, when it gets in their/our
heads, it makes them/us mentally ill...good people
know how to modulate their/our moods with foods...

Karen wrote as part of a substantial message:
"...My ex husband recently was telling me that there are two "true"
feelings (he was speaking from his recent learning re. Eastern beliefs),
love and fear. Love gives us strength to change, observe and learn and
expand, and fear keeps us in the areas that we are familiar with..."

...as Karen wrote,"Love gives us strength to change..."
...learn how "live" foods like fresh ripe fruits produce
"life-power" which is "lift-power" which is "love-power"...
...life and love and luft are the same word from different
dialects and pronounciations...but it's the same force and
it's yours to use when you learn by testing yourself which
foods INDIVIDUALLY make you sweet or sour or whatever...

..."how 2B good" is the best advice i can share with you...
it's the goal of every vision-quest and the basic plot for
every drama...no one truly wants to be bad...but the people
who profit from bad behavior try to prevent us from learning
"how 2B good" b'cause then we wouldn't need them...
...so in a world where so very few really understand how much
what we eat determines our personality and our performance,
you can be good and clear-headed all the time if you want to...

...so while i can't tell you what choices to make, my
emails describe what i've learned from my own direct
personal experiences about what various foods do to me...

...but, of course, you can ignore and dis-believe everything i say
and, as Karen wrote, "... fear keeps us in the areas that we are
familiar with...", you can be who you are now without change
fo as long as you want to...it's all-ways your choice...

...my thoughts and connections about Food&Behavior are spread
over a set of seven emails which follow...hope they help.